A 3D model of a cabin in the middle of nothing.
A 3D model of a floating sword.
A 3D model of tables in a cafeteria.
A 3D model of an armchair and some chairs a cafeteria.
A 3D model of a robot/astronaut standing on the moon.
My planet.
Four floating orbs, one green, one transparent, one blue and one red.
Arnold textures test.
A 3D model of a photo studio.
Photo studio.

3D Modeling

There is something really enticing about being able to see things from multiple perspectives, maybe that is why I fell in love with 3D modeling from the very moment I got the opportunity to learn how to do it, and I'm not bad at rendering either; I love how the lightning can change everything in an instant.

Pre and post-production

I love to bring ideas to life, specially through visual development, where I like to forget about realism to add more interest to characters, objects and enviroments.
I also enjoy creating storyboards and animatics, having filled such tasks during Hitrecord's short animation "Lost in the woods" where the challenge consisted in creating a story with just one image.

A bedroom with a high ceiling and a bed that is elevated in a platform, serving as a second floor that cab be accessed by a wooden stair. In the first floor there is a big sofa and a coffee table at the middle, a vanity and a big mirror near the door at the right, as well as a big piece of furniture on the other side of the room.
Fancy room - Background design.
Turnaround of a person that has a lamp instead of a head
Mr. Lamp - Character turnaround.
Five characters with very different personalities standing in a line
Unlikely family - Character design.
Several drawings of a man dressed in the 40's style, he's in different poses and expressions in each one. The main styles are war attire, pijamas, tuxedo and semi-formal.
40's band lead - Character study.
Seven members of a 40's band standing side by side.
40's band members - Character design.
Storyboard for Mermeladi.
Puedo explicarlo (I can explain) - Storyboard.
Storyboard of Lost In The Woods
Lost In The Woods - Storyboard.
Part of a collaboration at Hitrecord, credited as @cisneConCorbata.
Lost In The Woods - Animatic.
Part of a collaboration at Hitrecord, credited as @cisneConCorbata.
an irregularly shaped tower with a big eye on top of it that's looking down at two figures entering one of its caves
All seeing - Enviroment design.
A black book, the cover showing a nightingale standing on a letter R, both are made out of roses and the back showing a quote in spanish
The nightingale and the rose - Booklet
A book opened in a random page.
The nightingale and the rose - Booklet
Three blue books showing in their covers pictures of dogs with pink scribbles
Besos por huesos - Presentation of dogs in adoption
A blue book showing a cover with pictures of dogs with pink scribbles, in the back is the logo of the animal shelter
Besos por huesos - Presentation of dogs in adoption
A book opened in pages with pictures and descriptions of dogs
Besos por huesos - Presentation of dogs in adoption


You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it does help to make people interested in it, especially when it's accompanied by a good choice in fonts and the right margins.
Editorial design is so subtle that it's magical, the perfect point of convergence between my two worlds; I know what makes a story interesting and also how to make those details stand out.


I believe stories can be told without words or movement, that's the reason I won't stop illustrating as long as is in my power; from simple vectors to elaborated paintings, images hold the power to connect with people for the most unexpected reasons.
I've used this medium to create apparel graphics for So Aesthetic Shop, as well as to bring to life the words of a talented writer in the form of a mini-book where the main attraction was the portrayal of a wide range of emotions without using facial features.

Two men dressed as Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie is sitting on a bar bench crossing his legs, head resting on his left hand, while Clyde sits on the bar, his back turned
Bonnie and Clyde reimagined.
A shirt with the drawing of a phone displaying a call from a cat, under it there's the words The Only Catcall I Want
Two pages of a book showing two angry men.
I'm Alive - Illustrated story.
Made for @princelogical.
A pair of legs of a person walking in direction to the top left corner, letting in their way a curveted path with unreadable messages for the LGBT + community. At the right it can be read scared but never stopping, all of this over a rainbow flag background
Scared but never stopping - Playlist cover.
Made for pride month 2017.
A sweatshirt with an image of two pink hands holding eachother with the words Not Your Fetish
Not your fetish - Apparel design.
Vector illustration for So Aesthetic Shop.
Three frying pans in the colors of the pansexual flag, inside them are eggs and bacon forming the word PAN, the background is a pattern of the pansexual flag
Pan pans.
A bottle of soda with eyes and legs, shaking itself, letting all its foam go everywhere.
Soda mess.
A shirt with the drawing of a rhino and the caption Unicorn
the words Fantasía sustantivo in the middle of two big parentheses.
Fantasía (sustantivo) - Art event.
the word SHARP in all caps, instead of the P is a butcher knife, and the word in sliced horizontally.
Sharp - Knives brand.
the title BookWorm™ in all black caps, the two o's are joined as a pair of green glasses on the face of a worm
Bookworm - Online bookstore.
an anchor formed with red and white horizontal stripes over a white background that makes the white stripes to fade out
Anchor - Clothing line.
a skull with a gradient from bright pink to black, instead of teeth, it has a music equalizer. The word DEADBEAT is under the skull in bright pink lowercase leter. The background is bright green
Deadbeat - Music website.
the word PATISSERIE, the letters PAT are in blue script, while ISSERIE is in white serif letters


Logo creation is a basic ability of every graphic designer, is not such a competitive field for nothing, after all, you must be able to describe complete persons with just an icon.
A really interesting area that, even though it took me some time to dominate, it fascinates me.

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